Norwegian Ruck March

The march was first held in 1915 as a test of marching endurance for soldiers in the Norwegian Army. A strategic goal was to be able to move larger units of troops over a great distance swiftly and in a manner that enabled them to efficiently be prepared for combat – even after the march by carrying their rucksack /weaponry of 11 kg. The goal today is to stimulate the general interest of marching over extended distances amongst military and civilian personnel.

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Test Guidelines and Requirements

The test is a 30 km (18.64-mile) march (march/run) with a rucksack weighing 11 kg (24.25 lbs). The rucksack must weigh at least 11 kg at both start and finish line.

Rucksack of approved military model must be used. Weapons can be included as weight in the package, but there is no longer a requirement to carry a rifle. Civilian participants may use a different type of backpack.

Time requirements
Age group / Women / Men
18-20 / 5h25m / 4h35m
21-34 / 5h15m / 4h30m
35-42 / 5h25m / 4h35m
43-49 / 5h30m / 4h40m
50-54 / 5h40m / 4h50m
55-59 / 5h50m / 5h0m
60+ / 6h0m / 5h15m



Certificates for your recognition of your accomplishment for completing the ruck march sign by the Norwegian Ambassador

Pins that show the times you have completed the Ruck march. Pin can be wore as a foreign award on your military uniform.

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